• Cody Newman

End of Infinity is Finally Out!

It all started when I was 10 and wrote my first song, Melodies. I wrote it because my Dad asked me to, but with that song, I was able to get my first paid gig at Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, AZ

It was such a fun experience being on that stage! A lot of my friends and family supported me and that was my first "big break".

Fast Forward To Now

While, I no longer perform Melodies, it helped me develop my love for songwriting. At the core of my songs are stories. Usually, they are about relationships and seeing the bright side of life. Now that I have a small handful of original songs and music, I was able to go into the studio and record this EP.

Thank You To The Gulko Group and Pine and Anchor

I was lucky enough to meet Jeff Gulko when he moved into my neighborhood. My Mom convinced him to hear my work and thankfully he liked it enough to become my manager.

Then I was introduced to Brian Jarvis (owner of Pine and Anchor Studio) who helped me produce my music. It was so much fun working with him. He completely understood my vision and we had lots of fun and many laughs while making my EP.

The pictures above are from when I first started gigging at 10 years old! I looked much younger back then and I was only using my ukulele. Now I love performing with my Taylor Guitar and my hair is much darker!

I would love it if you checked out my new EP, End of Infinity...please and thank you!

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