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Thank You Post and Courier

I was in the newspaper! How exciting is that? I was really nervous about the Q&A, but I think I actually did a good job! Charleston Scene is a weekly publication (inside the P&C newspaper) that talks about music, art, theater and much more. It tells you what is going on around town and who are the movers and shakers. Am I now a mover and shaker?

Here Is A Quote From The Article

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
A: Meghan Trainor is a big inspiration. She helped give me a love of music when she came out with her “Title” album in 2014. Coldplay and Bastille are also some artists whose style I really loved because of their meaningful lyrics in albums such as “Parachutes” (Coldplay) and “Bad Blood” (Bastille).

Q: So what are you inspired by lyrically?
A: I’m lyrically inspired by fairy tale-style romance, where everything is played out in such a perfect way that it seems unreal.

Want to Read More?

Please go to the Post and Courier to read the entire article and to listen to my song, "End of Infinity"!

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